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US Table Wine Packaging Report 2014

US Wine Consumption Report
US Wine Packaging Report
(2) Packaging Report and Forecast for Domestic Still Wines

Trends in US packaging were identified over the past five years using the Nielsen Wine Scan. Results show that the primary increase in case volume has occurred within the traditional package of 750ml glass bottles (+22%). In particular, the volume increase was driven by the "Premium" sector of 750ml wines priced over $6 per bottle (+41%).

Forecasting future sales by package type are based on volume projections based on total sales using the package breakdowns shown in the Nielsen scans. While scanned wine data reflects only a fraction of total sales (about 25%), it is generally considered a fair representation of the sum.

In the years from 2010 to 2014, the Nielsen Scans have recorded a smaller percentage of total wine sales than reported by the Wine Institute and other information sources. As a result, percentage changes from earlier to later years are higher in the extrapolated totals than seen in the Nielsen detail.

Three displays are included:

Five Year Domestic Packaging Trends

2025 Forecast by Package Type

Five Year Trends by Closure Type (Cork vs. Alternatives)


Prepared by Peter Weber for the
Cork Quality Council 1/5/2015