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US Wine Consumption Report
US Wine Packaging Report
(2) Five Year Domestic Packaging Trends

Nielsen Wine Scans shows a total increase in all wine sales of 8% between the period of 2010 and 2014. Growth was driven by traditional 750ml glass bottles priced over $6. Volume for premium 750's grew by 41% since 2010. The other major package types showed declines in volume. Nielsen records a category of "other packaging" which includes sparkling wine at about 60% of the category. The "Other Packaging" segment grew by 12% in case volume.

Nielsen results showed that 62% of domestic wine revenues came from premium 750ml glass bottles (>$6) on 41% of case volume. Revenue tracking showed that the premium 750's generated $14.15 per liter. This more than doubled other glass packages and was nearly four times higher than levels seen with Bag'n'Box products.

All displays reflect data from Nielsen Wine Scans and reflect a total between 25-30% of actual wine sales.

Five Year Domestic Packaging Trends
2025 Forecast by Package Type
Five Year Trends by Closure Type (Cork vs. Alternatives)
    Methodology: Data was taken from Nielsen Wine Scan for the full US Market. The time period for each year was the 52 week period ending in the first week of December. Packaging descriptions were taken from scanned definitions.

Prepared by Peter Weber for the
Cork Quality Council 1/5/2015