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Closures have proven to be one of the most widely discussed issues by consumers and wine writers over the past few years. For those consumers who are most interested, they often request is that they want to know what kind of closure is in the wine before making a purchase.

The best solution would be for wineries to make this information available at the point of purchase. Short of that illumination, enthusiastic wine lovers have requested an online list of wines and closure types.

The CorkWatch Program will be introduced in early 2011 to interested wine consumers who wish to identify a wine's closure type prior to purchase. Though ongoing entries are expected to come from consumers, the initial presentation will include a sizeable number of domestic table wines based on Nielsen entries for the largest wine brands. The current list is estimated from a variety of sources and is largely unverified.

The completed CorkWatch Listing will be displayed at a variety of websites and social media sites. The initial locations will be at the 100PercentCork page. This Facebook site is six months old and is already more popular than all but one winery page. The page has over 33,000 fans - whose most common request is to have a way to reliably determine which wines have cork closures prior to purchase.

If you wish to participate in this free listing, please take a few minutes and review the current list. You can modify or add wines using secure online tools, If you wish to send your entries via email - please send them to

The final CorkWatch Database will be released later this month. This review site - sent to wineries only, will be used to populate the final CorkWatch List.

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