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2014 US Wine Consumption Report
US Wine Packaging Report
(2) Five Year Trends by Closure Type (Cork vs. Alternatives)

Wines with cork closures have displayed a positive trend throughout the past four years. The comparison of sales by closure type for each 4 week period shows a linear trends for the past five years with a positive slope of 31% for cork finished wine compared to a more modest increase of +16% for those wines packaged with alternative closures.

Cork closures should benefit by the expected increase in traditional 750ml packages, particularly the expected growth in the higher pricing segments.

Five Year Domestic Packaging Trends
2025 Forecast by Package Type
Five Year Trends by Closure Type (Cork vs. Alternatives)
    Methodology: Brands selected are the top 100 domestic table wine brands ranked by gross revenue from 750ml sales during the  previous 12 months. Selected Premium Brands are those that average over $6 per bottle during the twelve month period. Nielsen surveys include all US metro areas.

Prepared by Peter Weber for the
Cork Quality Council 1/5/2015