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US Wine Consumption Report
US Wine Packaging Report
(1) US Still Wine Consumption per Capita
Year 2014 Estimate

Table Wine Consumption is estimated at 10.4 liters per capita for the year. Rates were significantly higher in the Northeast and Western states.

Extrapolations over the US Census forecast that the majority of case sales will come from the West and Southern regions - with a 58% share of expected sales. Overall consumption of still wine is estimated at 367 million equivalent cases.

The highest consumption levels are seen in the District of Columbia, at 28.7L. Estimates identify 6 states with consumption below 5L per person. Expectations call for 22 states with consumption over 10L per person.

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    Methodology: Population estimates were taken from most current US Census projections for July of 2014. Wine Consumption estimates are based on 2013 levels with a flat 3% increase across the board, as indicated by current Nielsen scan summaries for still wine sales to the total US market.

Prepared by Peter Weber for the
Cork Quality Council 1/5/2015